SEAY is now a certified B Corporation!

Vicenza / November 2021

We are proud to officially communicate that SEAY has obtained the B Corp certification, the highest global recognition for companies committed to making environmental and social responsibility a fundamental part of their business.

The commitment necessary to bring business and environmental + social sustainability together is certainly not negligible, but it is clear to everyone that any company, therefore including SEAY, generates an (negative) impact on all the stakeholders, no matter if they are employees, consumers, partners, local communities, or the natural environment itself.

In today’s world, it is essential that companies overturn the direction taken so far, adopting a more sustainable approach to their business, as it is clear the traditional production and consumption models are no longer applicable. Considering the serious environmental problems that society and our planet are facing, the only possible strategic vision is the long-term one.

The road has been designed in August 2015, when the United Nations formalized 17 goals to help steer modern society towards a truly sustainable development.

These 17 goals can be extensively applied to commercial and industrial activities as well as to a company’s overall sphere of influence. We therefore asked ourselves how, beyond marketing and products and / or services offered, a company can evaluate its overall commitment and demonstrate that it has implemented a truly sustainable approach to business?

We found a natural answer to our question in the path that led us to become a Benefit Corporation in July 2020 and a certified B Corp in November 2021. A path that has fully satisfied us and has helped to strengthen our belief and our commitment for the planet and the beings (humans, animals and plants) that are hosted on it.

B Corps are companies that constitute together a global movement that aims to spread a more advanced business paradigm. Worldwide, certified B Corps stand out from all other organizations because in addition to pursuing profit objectives, they continuously innovate to maximize their positive impact on employees, the communities in which they operate, the environment and all the stakeholders around them rotating.

A B Corp company voluntarily and formally chooses to simultaneously produce social and environmental benefits while pursuing its economic results. The B CORP certification is currently the most stringent and difficult certification to obtain. Proof of this is the fact that, compared to more than 80,000 candidate companies, the certification was obtained by only 4,000 companies in the world, about 120 are Italian.

For the moment, the average score reached by the 80,000 candidate companies is 50.9 points but at least 80 are needed to be able to access the final audit call that open the doors to the B Corp certification. With a positive response obtained during the verification audit, you receive the certification.

SEAY final score after the verification audit: 107 points

A score that makes us incredibly proud considering that we are officially the Italian fashion brand with the highest score. We are convinced that the certification obtained helps to strengthen our credibility, recognizing and rewarding the efforts that SEAY has made since the very first day. We do not consider this goal as the end of the journey, but quite the contrary!

We consider this certification a confirmation of what we have done so far as well as a guide for the programs we must work on.

At SEAY, for example, our environmental score is relatively high thanks to the fact that the entire range of products is made with organic, recycled, certified and toxic-free materials; however, there is still a lot we can do about the space and offices that host us. The B CORP assessment highlighted that we need to work closely with the landlord of the space that host us to achieve better environmental results. This goal coincides with our commitment to engage our partners (of whatever nature they are) to do their best to be part of the solution and not of the problem.

The continuous improvement process and the involvement of as many partners as possible is for us the real driving force behind the certification itself.