Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

One of the most beautiful feelings in life is to let your bare feet sink into a soft and warm sand on a sunny day.

In that sand that in 2019 is a mixture of sand, a teaspoon, a straw, a plastic cup, another straw, a bottle cap, a little more sand, a cotton swab, another plastic cup and a little more sand, what can we do? We can use biodegradable materials that don’t have a long-term impact on the planet or recycled materials giving them a second life. We can adopt a conscious lifestyle about available resources. We can invest some of our spare time doing something good for ourselves and the community. It seems complicated but it’s easier than expected.


The pronunciation is the same as the word society in English. It is a set of individuals with different levels of autonomy, relationship and organization that, in various ways, interact in order to pursue one or more common objectives. It is with this idea in mind that the SOSEATY project is born.


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