Re3 Model

Re3 Model is a circular economy model engineered to reduce the environmental impact of the used garments.

How does it work?

Buy a new SEAY garment.
Send us your used garment, the SHIPPING is FREE.
Receive a 20% refund!

It’s as simple as that.

Our partners, no-profit cooperatives, will Re-Sell your old garment.
Or they will donate it to people in need that will Re-Use it.
If it’s below our standards, we will Re-Generate it to produce new products.

Too good to be true? We thought the same.
Until we realized all of this was actually feasible.

Scan the QR Code found on your new SEAY garment and discover the Re3 Tracking System

Re3 Model


ensures a life-cycle extension of your used clothes reducing the environmental footprint of your wardrobe in terms of C02 emissions, waste and water consumption.


grants your old clothes are used into a closed economical system that will reduce the consumption of newly produced raw materials.

Once you buy a SEAY item you have the possibility to give back to us an old piece of your wardrobe and you’ll get an immediate discount as a reward.



Most frequent questions and answers

It is a circular economy model engineered by SEAY to reduce the environmental impact of the used garments. 

Extending the life cycle of the clothes you’ve already worn for another 9 months, you reduce the environmental footprint of your closet of the 30% (in terms of Co2 emissions, waste and water consumption).

If you have an old garment you wont use any longer and you don’t want to throw it away you can send it to us within 30 days getting a “20% green bonus” on your purchase. You have to complete your shopping on our e-store and flag on the RE3 tick bar prior to finalize your order. Within few days you’ll receive your brand new SEAY items in a sustainable box. Remove you new clothes from the box and take the prepaid return label you’ll find on it. Put the used old clothes you want to send us into the sustainable box, close it in a secure way and stick the return label on it. Do you want to take your time? Bring the sustainable box to the closest DHL Service Point. What if you are already ready? Deliver the box directly to the DHL driver who just gave you the box with the new SEAY garments. Done!

Once we’ll have received your used clothes our QC team will inspect the content.
If your used clothes are compliant with our 3 RE3 RULES you’ll be refunded of the 20% of your order directly on the account you’ve used for your payment (credit card or Paypal).
The charge back will require only the technical timing to be accomplished meaning you will receive your refund within 5 working days from the acceptance of your used clothes.

Once our QC team will have inspected your used clothes and verified the compliance with the 3 RE3 RULES you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail.

We charge back the “20% green bonus” once our QC team has verified that the used clothes are compliant with our 3 RE3 RULES.

RULE #1 • You must send us an used garment for every new garment purchased.
If you don’t, we can’t apply the “20% green bonus”.
You’ll be charged back for the number of clothes you effectively send us. In case of more items of the same category with different prices, the “20% green bonus” will be applied to the less expensive product.
Example: if you have bought 2 t-shirts and 1 bikini and you send us just 1 used t-shirt and 1 used bikini you’ll be charged back for t1 t-shirt and 1 bikini only.

RULE #2 • The returned used garments MUST be used.

RULE #3 • The used garments must be returned within 30 days and be of the same category as the new SEAY items purchased.
Example: you won’t be charged back if you bought 1 swim trunk and you send us a used sweatshirt.
We’ll accept only used t-shirts in returns of new SEAY t-shirts, used swim trunks in return of new SEAY swim trunks, used.

No, it is completely free, SEAY will cover all the return shipment costs.

Based on the aesthetic and functional conditions of the garments received they will be:
RE-sold as vintage after being sanitized and reconditioned through the Cooperative in charge of the RE3 operations. The turnover generated from the sale remain to the cooperativa to cover the costs of operations.
RE-used after being sanitized. The Cooperative in charge of the RE3 operations will donate the garments still wearable to people in need.
RE-generated. If the look is poor and the garments cant’ be worn any longer, they will be sent to a plant able to turn the old fabric into regenerated material used to produce new products.

Easy! A couple of days after your shopping, scan the Qr code available on the green hang-tag tied on your new SEAY garment. If you have applied the sticker Qr code available on the green tag on the used garment you returned to us, you can track in real time how your ex-garment has been used. Still in transit? Create your own profile on our website (link) to receive updates on the path of your used clothes and to access extra contents such as tutorials, videos and exclusive discounts.

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